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Church Security, House of Worship Security Vulnerability Assessment Software
Church Security!


Dear visitors,

I'm updating things and will need to stop the availability of the program for a few days. Once things are updated I'll let you know. To be informed of the update, please complete the contact form and I'll send you a message once things are updated.


Identify Church Vulnerability

Church Security & House of Worship Security

For pastors, priests, rabbis, religious leaders, teachers, and their staff members, this site is for you. Churches, temples and other houses of worship face unique security challenges and are all subject to crime. Church Security and Safety should be a priority in all Houses of Worship (HoW). If not, security plans and improvements will seldom be made, leading to vulnerability, and when you least expect it, a loss event occurs. Rather than being proactive with formalized security plans in place, lack of planning for a church or improper reaction to loss events at a house of worship can lead to - misery for some - and various levels of liability resulting in costly legal proceedings for others. The purpose of this site is to provide tools to raise church and house of worship security awareness to help plan, reduce risk and threat and increase church / house of worship security and safety for all.

For starters, we have an excellent Church Security / House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment Program (below). No obligation. Plan to start making security improvements today to help reduce loss events, reduce liability and even costly legal proceedings. See for the first time - a security survey, vulnerability assessment program and a risk assessment all in one!

Mac Users may have compatability issues. This works best when using a Windows based system.

.........Here's the latest feedback!

Brad H. "A great tool to assess the strength of an organization's security measures"
Ron M.  "Have used several times for different churches and it was well received"
Donna S. "
 Found this information to be very useful for our church...Thank you so very much for this helpful information!
Charles D. "
Thank you for creating and providing this survey template. Your program is a tremendous benefit to those of us in small congregations with very limited budgets..." 
Brian E. " have done a pretty awesome job of this and offering it to church groups for no money is unbelievable."
Kevin M. "
I have used the VA and love it. I am a Physical Security Specialist with the Army. It is easy to use. I have given this site to two other security professionals for their church."
Judy E. "Your program is excellent...Thanks so much for the work you do."

Unleashed - This is an Excel Workbook.

Church Security

PC USERS Free - Church Security - House of Worship Security Assessment Program

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PC USERS Free - Church Security - House of Worship Security Assessment Program
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This is not a compiled version. Open this workbook in Excel - Just like any other excel workbook.

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After you have downloaded the file:
  1. Double click on the ZIP file you downloaded: ***The program will not work if you try starting it in the compressed format.***
  2. Click on the “Extract” option to remove the files (User Guide and Excel Workbook) from the ZIP folder. ***Make sure the files are stored in the same folder: ***the program will not work unless all  files are in the same folder ***
  3. Click on the file icon that was downloaded.
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Requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher. Password = (case sensitive)
Features Benefits
Special Copyrighted Threat and Risk assessment in one program. Helps conceptualize threat and risk in one program.
The first section goes through a series of security related questions. Covers many different aspects of House of Worship Security.
Answer the questions and the program plots out a stacked bar chart. Answers to questions provide statistics - a quantitative approach. The numbers generate a graph. A Picture says a thousand words. Helps describe posture.
Second section branches off into probability and impact - Risk Assessment Bubble Chart - gives 3 dimension visualization - helps conceptualize highest risks and prioritize needed improvements
Two sets of reports (Vulnerability and Probability) Filter data for Final reports - producing a "snapshot" of the different vulnerabilities and probability of an associated loss event and the related impact if it occurs.
Use with Excel 2010 and higher. Use with Excel 2010 and higher.
Church Security Program (HoW)

Church Security and ASIS - CPP & PSP Recertification Points:

CPPs  and PSPs - Conducting a Church Security  / House of Worship vulnerability assessment can earn you recertification points. Using this program can help. Contact ASIS International for more details. Ask about the House of Worship program and "Community Service" for credits toward your recertification. 

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