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The G-CAM-TOWER is Portable Surveillance - Anytime, Anywhere!

Churches, Synagogues, Temples and Other Houses of Worship

  • Enhance your Security by improving access control and vehicle under-carriage inspections with this cost effective surveillance tool.
  • The G-CAM-TOWER is a physical and psychological deterrent
  • Does your existing "fixed surveillance system" have gaps?  The G-CAM-TOWER fills those gaps on demand. It can be deployed overtly as a physical AND psychological deterrent because when people see it in operation they are reminder that unwelcome activity will be recorded. Perfect for Parking lot security.
  • When portable surveillance is needed, the G-CAM-TOWER can be operated anytime, anywhere. 
  • Media and Special Event Directors will find the G-CAM-TOWER extremely useful for adding a different perspective to the recording of plays, weddings and other special events.
  • The G-CAM-TOWER offers the perfect solution to fill the gaps in your security plan.‚Äč


What is the G-CAM-TOWER?

The G-CAM-TOWER is a Telescoping Camera System that is a Hand-Held,  Portable, Lightweight, Battery Operated, platform with a Motorized Tilting mechanism that you control to automatically adjust to that perfect angle.

Used with your existing GoPro or similar camera and monitored with your existing cellphone or tablet, it enhances your field of view to help capture that impeccable video or snapshot by extending your perspective up to 23 feet.  That's like video recording or taking snap shots from the 3rd floor of a building!

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