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Understand the Risk Before Implementing Countermeasures

Let’s face it, news about Houses of Worship usually focuses on major events like shootings, and theft. But there are other areas of equal concern that are often ignored but may be even more vulnerable.

Oftentimes a House of Worship will have volunteers involved in child care, ushering, choir, etc. Proper vetting of these individuals is extremely important. If vetting policies and procedures aren't being followed, it could very well lead to extending a huge amount of trust to volunteers that may not be apt for the position they are filling.
  • If proper screening is not conducted for the right positions, innocent people can get hurt. Trust is not substitute for assuring the screening and vetting process is completed, correctly for all.
    • Who has keys to the office?
    • Are staff members allowed to enter the facilities anytime?
    • Are you sure your access control system is working?
    • Is the computer system secured?
    • Do any of the volunteers have a criminal background?
    • Do any of staff members have a sexual offender background?
  • Using the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment Program will help identify your security/vulnerability posture. 
Download the free Vulnerability Assessment for Houses of Worship now.
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