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The SE-Analyzer


Graphical Representation of Your Security Posture.

Communicate you security posture to leadership with a Security Posture Snapshot! Just cut-and-paste from the SE-Analyzer.

Crunch and Manipulate Data - From the App to Excel.

SurveyEssentials created the SE-Analyzer to work outside the mobile device. Let's face it, working on a cell phone screen to analyze data can be awkward and even frustrating for those who want to dig into details, filter data, copy and paste groups of information into emails and follow up and collaborate with the rest of the security team. Copying and pasting a "Security Posture" snapshot into a power-point presentation for your executive summary - on  a cell phone is not easy.  But with the SE-Analyzer it is.

The SE-Analyzer is a formatted Excel template that can be used on a desktop (Windows or Mac) operating systems and takes the assessment data (source CSV file) from the App to use on your desktop or laptop environment where you have more control and screen space to manage and analyze all the data. And just in case your church / house of worship requires additional assessment elements, you can customize the assessment to address those specific concerns in the User Definable section.


Analyze, collaborate and filter data. SE-Analyzer automatically plots a security posture snapshot, and calculates a statistics table so you can copy and past right into the Executive Summary, all in the Analyzer template.

SE-Analyzer imports the data from the App and makes it easy to filter and collaborate and it automatically plots a security posture and calculates detailed statistics. If the import feature is not working -  no problem watch the user guide to manually copy and paste.

Use the app to capture the assessment data on the fly. Using the speech to text function on your device's keypad to dictate your assessment observations makes the data gathering process super easy.

The SE Analyzer is FREE but only when you order from within the App. 


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