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Comprehensive Assessment - 140+ Questions

Windows Users Only***Windows Users Only

  • Collaborate
    • After you have shard the results of your assessment via email attachment a CSV (Source) file is now available for analyzing stats. 
  • Open
    • The FREE Assessment Analyzer Template (Target File)
  • AUTO-IMPORT the CSV (Source)
    • Press the Logo button on the FREE Assessment Analyzer Template (Target File - MS Excel) to automatically import the details stored in the app
    • Save and Edit - adjust details as needed
    • User Definable Section - Add Custom Assessment Questions/Requirements to the assessment in the "User Definable Section"
    • Filter Data to better organize your plan of action
    • Collaborate corrective action with specifics - Who, What, When, Where and Why
    • Communicate Clearly to the DECISION MAKERS - abstract security concepts can be difficult to clearly communicate. With the charts, and stats, you'll be able to clarify any doubts, reliably and effectively
    • Impress - Cut and Paste Charts and Stats from the Assessment Analyzer to your executive summary report. Dynamic Data Exchange - compatible with (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc...)

Windows-Premium SE-Analyzer

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