Church Security and House of Worship

Security / Vulnerability / Risk Planning

Automated House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment

Available in iOS and Android.

It can't get any easier!

Church Security & House of Worship Security

Church / House of Worship Security members, security professionals, pastors, priests, rabbis, religious leaders, teachers, and staff members, here it is!

  • Automated House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment
  • Available in iOS and Android.
  • Share results into the FREE Analyzer Template - filter, define, collaborate!
  • It can't get any easier!

We all know that churches, temples and other houses of worship face unique security challenges. Church Security / House of Worship Security and Safety must always be priority. Security plans and improvements must be managed properly or things get out of hand and lead to unnoticed vulnerability. When you least expect it, a loss event occurs. Be proactive and formalize your security plans. It all starts with a good vulnerability / security assessment. Don't deal with consequence due to lack of planning and improper reaction to loss events. Act now!

Conducting an initial vulnerability assessment is the first step to security planning. Now you can do it in an App for either iOS or Android to help automate the assessment process.

SurveyEssentials is here to provide tools to raise church security and house of worship security awareness, by using inexpensive, simple, innovative, reliable and effective tools to help plan, reduce risk and threat and increase church / house of worship security and safety for all.

Here's How It Works

Inside the App - 4 easy steps:

  1. Install
    • Install the FREE Demo (Lite) version or the Premium, (Full) version from Apple Store / Google Play
    • Scroll through and complete the assessment questions/requirement. Press the microphone icon on your keyboard to dictate answers, comments, observations, corrective action, etc. Makes data input as easy as talking on the phone with the speech to text feature.
    • In-app Statistics for quick reference.
  2. Answer Questions
    • (Compliant, Not Compliant, Not Completed, N/A). Provide detailed narrative responses to each with specific Corrective Action if needed
  3. Save
    • multiple assessment for future reference and updates
  4. Collaborate
    • Share the results via Email, text attachment, etc, from your app as a CSV (Source) file (with others who have also installed the app - (read the End User License Agreement) to easily manage data on other programs (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc...)

Outside the App - 2 easy steps:

  1. Open
    • The FREE Assessment Analyzer Template (Target File)
  2. AUTO-IMPORT the CSV (Source)
    • Press the Logo button on the FREE Assessment Analyzer Template (Target File - MS Excel) to automatically import the details stored in the app
    • Save and Edit - adjust details as needed
    • User Definable Section - Add Custom Assessment Questions/Requirements to the assessment in the "User Definable Section"
    • Filter Data to better organize your plan of action
    • Collaborate corrective action with specifics - Who, What, When, Where and Why
    • Communicate Clearly to the DECISION MAKERS - abstract security concepts can be difficult to clearly communicate. With the charts, and stats, you'll be able to clarify any doubts, reliably and effectively
    • Impress - Cut and Paste Charts and Stats from the Assessment Analyzer to your executive summary report. Dynamic Data Exchange - compatible with (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc...)

FREE Assessment Analyzer Template

Visit Google Play or Apple Store and Install the FREE demo App. Then click on the Analyzer DEMO request form below for your FREE template:

Visit Google Play or Apple Store and Installed the PREMIUM App. Then click on the Analyzer PREMIUM request form below for your FREE template:

Demo Free Version Request Form

Premium Free Version Request Form

Top 10 Benefits

In App

  1. 140+ Questions and Requirements (full version) - Comprehensive Assessment
  2. Easy Data Input - right from your phone - no clunky laptops or tablets. Capture info on the spot, right on your phone, on the fly
  3. Speech to Text - your responses, observations, corrective action. Don't like typing? Just press the button and talk!
  4. Collaborate - share assessment information with colleagues. Implement corrective action - Track results

Out of App with FREE Analyzer Template

  1. Analyze using the FREE Analyzer Template
  2. Filter to immediately focus on areas needing attention
  3. Customize in the User-Definable section any additional Questions/Requirements on the Analyzer Template
  4. Copy and Past Charts and Stats into a power point or executive summary report
  5. Clearly communicate the security concerns to decision makers
  6. Professional Look

ASIS - CPP & PSP Re-certification Points:

  • CPPs and PSPs - Conducting a Church Security / House of Worship vulnerability assessment can earn you re-certification points. Using this app will facilitate that process.
  • Contact ASIS International for re-certification points.
  • Ask about the House of Worship program and "Community Service" for credits toward your re-certification.