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To improve Place of Worship Security you have to conduct an assessment. Here they are - the best in class and most comprehensive House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App for iOS and Android. 

House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App

House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App

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Security team members, security professionals, pastors, priests, rabbis, religious leaders, teachers, and/or staff members or just anyone interested in improving the security at your place of worship, this House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App AND THE RECENTLY ADDED CLOUD BASED Place of Worship Security Risk Management (POWSRM) program, are huge game changers for securing your place of Worship. 

Is your House of Worship secure? You have to ask the question. You'll never know unless you conduct a vulnerability assessment. It's an important step to understanding the security posture of your House of Worship. It's one step in the POWSRM process - Once the initial assessment is completed, annual follow up assessments are needed to keep track of any changes that may have occurred.

Complacency is one of the biggest challenges in Houses of Worship. We believe people are good so no one expects anything bad to happen. But that's not true. Not all people are good - and victims of violent loss-events will almost always say..."I never thought it would happen here".

SurveyEssentials raises Church and House of Worship security and awareness by providing cost effective, easy-to-use, innovative and reliable tools to help plan, collaborate and analyze risk, threat and vulnerability to improve church security and House of Worship security and safety for all.

The complicated assessment process can be daunting. But we simplify it so you can focus on the important, proactive things rather than being reactive. 

Churches, temples and other Houses of Worship face unique security challenges that must be identified. The House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment (App based and now Cloud Based) helps to identify those challenges for you to take immediate action to mitigate risk. 

The Security Assessment is an important part of the POWSRM Process. You have to UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION before implementing effective countermeasures or mitigation actions. 

For those interested in the App:
We know that security surveys and assessments are not "one-size-fits-all". To address your unique security concerns, we created the SE-Analyzer, an excel template that shares information from the App. It let's you customize the assessment process in the User Definable section and displays the information in a easy to read format. This way you can better analyze your finding with the statistics table and the Security Posture Snapshot for a clear understanding of  your vulnerability/security posture.  So when you download the App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you'll also get the SE-Analyzer.

The SE-Analyzer is free of charge when you purchase the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App. Inside the App there is an option to download it. 

Interested in the Cloud Based Place Of Worship Security Risk Management (POWSRM) Program? click here form more information and demonstration videos.

With The App

It's cumbersome conducting security assessments with paper and pen - it's awkward and it's difficult to collaborate with your team when the information is hand written on paper. It's just as awkward using a laptop - they're bulky and not as practical as a handheld device, especially when you're conducting a walk-through.  

Simplify the assessment process. Use the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App right from your handheld device - and dictate your findings with the speech-to-text feature. The App has over 140 security/vulnerability related questions and requirements specifically designed for Houses of Worship. The App also includes security guidelines that help answer the questions and address the requirements.

The House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment works with iOS and Android devices.

The App will save multiple assessments that can be referenced and edited for future use. 

Ideal for small Houses of Worship with only one person working on the assessment or Mega-Churches and huge Houses of Worship with multiple security team members conducting different sections of the assessment. Once completed, enhance your understanding of the results by compiling the findings into a master version of the SE-Analyzer.

The SE-Analyzer is an excel template that takes the assessment data from the App and automatically moves it to an excel template in either Windows or Mac operating systems and includes a User Definable Section to customize the assessment process and address those unique security concerns that apply only to your House of Worship. The SE-Analyzer also simplifies the analyzing process with filters to better visualize and comprehend the overall security posture and helps to prioritize improvements if and when needed.

The SE-Analyzer is free (valued at $19.99) when you purchase the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App. Inside the App there is an option to download the SE-Analyzer.

Automate your House of Worship Security Survey and Vulnerability Assessment process. Filter, Prioritize, Define, Collaborate and Communicate to IMPROVE SECURITY FOR YOUR PLACE OF WORSHIP. It can't get any better!​ What is stopping you? Get the App.

User Guide


The House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App

Is a specially designed App for iOS and Android devices in both free/trial and full premium versions to make the data collection process of your assessment easier and more accurate. The trial version gives you an idea of how the App functions. Get the app.

  1. 140+ Questions and Requirements (full version) - Most Comprehensive House of Worship Assessment. We've been doing this for 11 year.

    • No other assessment matches ours. 

  2. Easy Data Input - right from your handheld device - no clunky laptops or paper and pen. Capture data on the spot, right from your phone, on the fly 

    • Do the assessment bit by bit or in sections with multiple team members. Complete 2 or 3 questions on your next visit. Then 2 or 3 more on the next visit. Repeat until you're done.​

  3. Speech to Text - your responses, observations, corrective action. Don't like typing? Just press the microphone button on the keyboard and talk. It's that simple. 

  4. Collaborate - share assessment data. Whether you've just started, mid-way or finished - at any stage of the assessment process you can share your latest assessment information with colleagues. Implement corrective action - Track results.​​

Watch the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App Demo 

Get the app.


The SE-Analyzer is a specially designed MS Excel template that functions in both Mac and Windows. Just click on the logo button in the SE-Analyzer to copy data from the  App automatically or do your own copy-and-paste. The SE-Analyzer enables you to analyze data from the The House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App. It consolidates your findings for easy analysis. You'll also be able to filter information to immediately focus on areas needing attention. And you can customize your assessment in the User-Definable section to assure you're addressing any specific concerns. Plus the SE-Analyzer plots out a graphical representation of your security posture. Copy-and-Paste the Security Posture Snapshot and statistics table into a PowerPoint presentation or an Executive Summary report and clearly communicate security concerns to your decision makers.​  

Watch the SE-Analyzer Demo

Get the app.

  1. Consolidate and analyze your findings into one master assessment. Analyze data using the SE-Analyzer (free when you use the coupon code provided after installing and registering in the App) You'll download and install the App first before accessing the free SE-Analyzer.

  2. Filter data to immediately focus on areas needing attention

  3. Customize our assessment - we know that no security program is the same. That's why we included the the User-Definable Section in the SE-Analyzer. Add additional Questions or  Requirements to SE-Analyzer

  4. Leave a positive impression with charts and stats by copying and pasting them into a PowerPoint presentation and/or your own Executive Summary report

  5. Clearly communicate the security concerns to decision makers

  6. Look professional!

Watch the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment App Demo 

Watch the SE-Analyzer Demo

 Get the app.

The SE-Analyzer is FREE when you use the Coupon Code given after completing the registration form in the App. Download and install the App first.


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